Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Perfect Thing to Say

Facebook Status Update
10 Hours Ago
"called in for a bikini hot girl background role on TV. Casting Agent: (pulls up my headshot) "Um . . . I'm gonna pass on this. Thanks (click)" What is that slow burn down the abdomen? Ah, yes, Hollywood.

5 Hours Ago
Email from Lana:
You doing ok?

Low self esteem day but I am ok.

low self esteem? whhhhyyy? you have a boyfriend who luuuurves you! A webseries! things are turning around!

Had a casting director pass on me for hot girl background work. Hate me in the feature. I am not hot- I am weird looking.

Not a big deal- but . . . You know.

ugh i hate those days.

those days when you would rather be Video Hofessional Girl #5 instead of Annie Hall.

i hear ya. however, your Annie Hall ways are what's going to make you famous, or at least living in Bill Murrays guest house.


[*footnote: I LOVE Bill Murray, but that is another blog]

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